Minister for Buddha Sasana and Minister of Justice visited Batticaloa

VR in BattiMinister for Buddha Sasana and Minister of Justice Vijayathasa Rajapakshe visited Batticaloa Buddhist temple today (21 December 2016) and met with controversial monks Ampitiya Sumanarathana Thera and Galagoda Aththe Gnanasara , one of the leaders of Bodu Bala Sena, after paying obeisance to the Buddha statue at the temple.

Reporters from all media were initially allowed inside the meeting room but once the meeting had commenced Tamil and Muslim journalists were asked to vacate the temple while Sinhala journalists were allowed to stay in the meeting room.  The minister and the monks spoke to the media outside the temple after the meeting was concluded.

Minister Vijayathasa Rajapakshe later attended a ‘secret’ meeting at the Batticaloa District Secretariat Office.  Journalists were not permitted to enter the building while the meeting was held.  According to reports from Secretariat Office, Government Agent of Batticaloa District Mrs P. S. M. Charles, Divisional Secretary of Manmunai South West Divisional Secretariat, M. S. S. Ameer Ali, G. Sritharan M. P and Alizahir Moulana M. P attended this meeting and was discussing about the recent communal tension initiated by the monk of Batticaloa Buddhist Temple, Ampitiya Sumanarathana Thera.

Member of Parliaments spoke to the media after the meeting but did not reveal what matters were discussed inside Batticaloa District Secretariat Office.

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