MACSAR accused of credit card fraud.

MACSARPeople of Batticaloa have been asked to stay away from MACSAR Networks and Engineering Services in Thandavenveli, Batticaloa, as a customer alleges this shop took money from his credit card which the customer did not authorize.

The customer, Vyramuthu Atputhan, wrote on his Facebook page that he took his Laptop to this shop to get the battery replaced on 2nd December 2016.  The cost of the battery was 5500 Rupees.  He paid 4000 rupees by cash and gave his credit card to the shop attendant to deduct 1500 rupees from it.  Mr Atputhan forgot to take the credit card back, left it on the customer counter of MACSAR and went home.

On 24th of December Atputhan realized that his credit card was missing but he could not recall where he used it last.  Therefore, he went to the bank which issued the credit card and checked the statement.  He noticed that MACSAR took (or stole) 5000 rupees (which was all left in his credit card) on 5th December 2016.  

Mr Atputhan went to MACSAR again and recovered his credit card from the shop.  He was able to recover his money (RS 5000) after a lengthy argument with the shop owner and proving their fraud by showing the transaction history from his credit card statement.  

Mr Atputhan’s post can be found here:

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