Kattankudy Restaurant sealed !

Kattankudy Restaurant RaidPolice and public health officers raided a Muslim restaurant yesterday (Thursday, 15 December 2016)  in Kattankudy and seized around 300 kilograms of unhealthy food.  Police has now sealed this restaurant and imposed heavy fine on the charges of preparing and selling edible items under unhygienic conditions.

The deputy health commissioner of Eastern province doctor A. Lathaharan said that,  along with food safety and police officers checked more than fifty food outlets and restaurants in different parts of Kattankudy.

Food business operator in Kattankudy are selling food items prepared  with carcinogenic chemical dyes and other banned chemicals.  The restaurants in Kattankudy were seen to be using artificial food colors and MSG ‘lavishly’ in all food items exposing public health to unseen dangers.

It should be pointed out that butcheries in Maruthamunai and Kattankudy were selling dog meat as goat meat a few months ago.

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